Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cane Juice

As I mentioned before, the big thing in Australia is to go "shopping" on Thursdays, as that is the one day of the week things don't close early. They even close early on Saturdays! It really teaches you to be motivated to get stuff done on that Thursday.

Some Thursdays and Fridays there are little open air markets that come around for those shoppers. We were walking through Chatswood area on Friday with Missy and we happened upon a cane juice stand.

We started talking to the gentleman here, he was actually from Chicago. He had this fancy machine that he used to squeeze the juice out of the sugar cane and then he put it in a pitcher and it was served up fresh immediately. So cool!

It was fun to watch him put the cane through the machine. He had all of these stats and percentages that explained how much of the actual juice he was extracting from the cane with the machine (I think it was in the upper 70%?) Well, that's beside the point. It was a cool thing to get to watch and experience, and I'm all about trying new things. And the cane juice was fresh, naturally sweet, and enjoyable!!

{Preston ordering his cane juice from the stand. You had three choices. Small, medium or large!}

{looks kinda green, eh?}

{Cheers to cane juice!!}

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