Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Giveaway Tuesday and a lil DIY

Hey you guys! It's giveaway Tuesday. Go here to check it out!

Too bad I am sewing impaired, or I would make some of those myself! On the plus side, I am not iron impaired and I did make this for Camden for Thanksgiving...

{Sans googly eyes. I forgot to pick those up, I will add those in later!!}

Thank you Pinterest, for the idea!

This was a super easy make, and I did enjoy doing it. I got the fabrics super cheap at JoAnns, and the shirt was on clearance at Target. It was so easy in fact, I may consider making a Christmas one!

I am looking forward to this Thursday, Camden has Thanksgiving luncheon at daycare that family gets to attend. Camden is going to sport his Thanksgiving shirt, and I am so excited!!

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