Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oz: Part 8

The last day in Oz came rather quickly. It seemed like we had just started our vacation and it was time to wrap it up.

{Had to get another round of is simply stunning.}

{Preston and Jennie}

On our last day the four of us spent it stopping in at little stores and places to pick up souvenirs we had said we wanted, but waited to get in case we found them elsewhere and for a better price. So we ran all around the town, shopping and spending money! We went back to the QVB to visit a professional photographer for a few (surprisingly cheap for Oz) affordable gorgeous prints of the Opera House and Bridge. Then we did some more shopping back down by Circular Quay and the Opera House. We also went back to Chatswood and Jennie and I picked up our opal rings. Then we ran home, dropped it all off and began the train commute to meet up with Missy and her work pals for a dinner.

We went to a place in Paramatta called the Bavarian Bier Cafe. Here is a picture.

{Looking at this I am sure you are thinking, now, she must be mistaken. That is a picture of a church called Saint Andrews! That's what I thought. It is a restaurant that used to be a church. And it was so quaint and just had a cool feeling walking in. Here are a few inside shots before it got crowded.

{it looks like Boone had too much to drink!!}

{Missy's work buddies - they loved Boone!}

We had good food here, although it didn't compare to our chicken schnitzel with pepper gravy from Gilroy's right around the corner from Missy's. We had a great time with her work people, and before we knew it - it was time to head home and pack up!

{Missy's living room turned hotel room. Her kitchen is also this area as well...}

{Missy's "Bedroom"}

And that's basically your tour of her apartment. It is literally that small. And somehow we crammed five people in and she kept her sanity (for the most part)!

Missy - we had an amazing time visiting and seeing what your life is like in another country. It was so sweet of you to let us all crash at your place and to guide us around the country. You are such a brave person for working so far from home and taking that leap to do so! xoxo

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