Friday, November 18, 2011


Everyone on facebook this month has been listing a new status every day until Thanksgiving of things they are thankful for. I think this is a great idea but rather than log into facebook daily how about I just type them out here? Okay, good. These are in no particular order, just as I came up with 'em.

1- Thankful for the Almighty God and his blessings and provisions. He is so generous to save us by faith, not from works. We didn't do anything to deserve it but have been given the precious gift. So awesome!

2- For my Mother. She is an amazing, strong woman with a heart for the Lord that others can see radiate through her. I can only hope to aspire to be half the woman she is.

3- For my Father. He always worked hard for the family and at the same time taught me the importance of the dollar, and working for what you want.

4- It's fitting that this day be dedicated to my husband as the 4th is our anniversary! I am thankful for my fantastic husband. He is my perfect partner, and we balance each other out. I am blessed he is in my life, and I like to think the same for him. ;)

5- My extended family. They are so awesome. I love the holidays as it is an excuse to get together and see them. They are really special and I love that we can be apart for so long and when we reunite it is as if no time has passed.

6- For the family I married into. They have been a blessing to me in more ways than one.

7- For an exciting church to attend and raise our kids in. It is a great place, with an exciting and powerful ministry and I look forward to going.

8- A job. In these times I am fortunate to still have my job, and a job that I love. It may be trying and take lots of patience, but I know without a doubt that is what I was called to do.

9- For being allowed the opportunity to become a Mom. It has been an amazing, heart pounding, gut wrenching, exciting experience. And yes, it has been all of those!

10- For the OSU Cowboys. Enough said. 10-0!!

11- For the veterans, including my Granddaddy and my brother. They give up so much to serve our country, Freedom isn't free!

12- Horses and the role they played in my life. Growing up in a barn I learned so much about responsibility, respect, dedication and hard work than I would anywhere else. I look back at the time in my life and reflect on how much fun it was.

13- For chocolate. I am thankful for this all. the. time.

14- For amenities such as a roof over my head, food on the table and a car to drive. Living in this country we have so much - and yet sometimes it is never enough just out of our own greed and desires.

15- For amazing friends. They always have my back, they rush over to help at the drop of a hat, they are a rock. Couldn't do it without them!

16- For my dog. She is awesome, and will forever be my first baby. She may be a fur-baby but she counts. She has been there for me since '03, through college, graduation, multiple jobs and houses. She is my shadow, always by my side. Especially at night, but that's okay in the winter when I need a personal heater.

17- A gym membership. Sounds unimportant, but necessary after number 13. I need that outlet and the exercise to keep me sane.

18- The weather we have been having. It is just lovely lately and I am enjoying being able to get fresh air with my little family after work. As you all know, I have self diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder and I am already not looking forward to being cold, dark and dreary. Because of the complaining I did last winter (the coldest winter for us ever on record) I vowed to not complain about the heat all summer. And? Record heat and all, I did no complaining. So when it gets cold? Watch out!!

19- Music. Just when I can't seem to get motivated at the gym? A good song is needed to get me moving. At church a certain song can really speak to my heart. I love it!

20- Books and blogs. I love to read. I don't have much time to read books these days but I live vicariously through people's online journals.

21- Photography. I am loving this hobby and all that comes with it. My subjects don't ever seem to want to hold still, but between Camden and Pearl I am bound to get one to be a guinea pig! This has been a more than enjoyable creative outlet for me!

22- The daycare Camden is at. They are seriously amazing. They are such loving, compassionate people. They have lesson plans posted weekly with their crafts and theme of the week. He does art 3x a week, sometimes daily. I have conferences to learn how he is progressing and if he is meeting developmental milestones. They provide structure to his routine and are able to reinforce all the things we are learning at home. I am so thankful he was able to get in to the daycare, as the waiting list is usually 50 people long. (I started out on the waiting list at 12 weeks pregnant and he still wasn't invited until AFTER I returned to work. Crazy!!) I know without a doubt, that is where he is supposed to be.

23- For my car. It may not be the newest or shiniest and it may have wood grain circa 1998, but hey - it works. It has a heater and AC and a backseat for Camden. And the best part? No car payment!

24- Phi Mu. It has taught me a lot about people and friends, which ones will stick by you until the end. The same ones that you don't see for years, but when you do see them you just pick right back up where you left off. Also taught me values and the true meaning of being a lady.

I could go on and I'm sure name many, many more, but I'll just do one for each day leading up to Thanksgiving. I do feel really grateful for all of the blessings in my life and know that each difficulty has shaped me into being thankful for these things. The difficulties are what make you appreciate what you have, ya know?

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