Monday, February 13, 2012

Announcing: LifeChurch BA!!

Husband and I have been part of a core group of people starting up a new campus of our church here in town. LifeChurch currently has three campuses in town, and it was time to launch a fourth and we agreed to be a part of the core group to assist with the launch. We went to meetings to get fired up and worship together, and events at the church to assist with putting together furniture and set up and learn our roles for serving.

This past weekend was the launch date - and it was SO exciting! We had two services, a 10 and an 1130. Husband and I went to the ten which was so packed it ended up being standing room only. We served in between the 10 and 1130 and were amazed at how quickly that service filled up as well. All in all, our campus saw over 2100 attendees and 43 people committed their lives to Christ. Exciting, huh?

{the auditorium, before the stage is set up and the chairs brought in!}

{blueprints. We got our permits to occupy only a few days before scheduled launch!}

{the next few are some of the wall art that I am SUPER in love with...}

{part of the HUGE kids room that Camden gets to play in..they are almost double in size from what we are used to!}

{The LifeKIDS area, so nice!}

This building actually used to be an old Albertson's. God had plans for us to use it, as it sat vacant waiting on us for about five years and then our church got an amazing deal on it. It just shows God provides for his people!

We were so packed out, that after one week they are already adding another service! This coming weekend there will be a 10, and 1130 and a 1! We are well on our way to having enough services to add a Saturday night, which is my FAVORITE time to go to church! (And it works out the best since I work every third weekend) Bring it on BA, let's do it!

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