Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Year and a HALF!

Oh my goodness Camden, my love, HOW is it possible that you are already closer to TWO than ONE?

You are CONSTANTLY on the go. Running, moving, climbing. We can hardly catch a breath around here! It was right after you turned seventeen months that you found out how to climb on the couch. Which means you are able to climb on top of Pearl's platform, pull your self up into chairs of all kinds, including the dining room table chairs. And if you can climb onto those chairs, you can definitely climb ON TOP of the table. I tell people that I'm at the point now where I HAVE to take you to the bathroom with me, whether I wanted to or not. I left you alone the other day and in the 90 seconds it took me to pee you were standing on top of the kitchen table, laughing and trying to reach for the lights above it. Are you trying to give your Mommy a heart attack?

You are talking more and more. You are doing especially well with any word that starts with a 'B'. Ball, bubbles, bye bye. You are also a fan of NO, and you say this with a different tone and inflection than you say any other word, and often a shake of your pointer finger. They are teaching you at school to use "No" instead of doing something else (i.e. - hitting or stealing a toy away without asking). Unfortunately, this leads you to telling Mom and Dad 'No'. We are trying to counteract your stubbornness by making you say "please" instead of "no" to us. It's still a work in progress! You can also say more, go, mom, dad, dog, good girl, nana, wa-wa, pearl, Mickey (Mick-me). I'm sure there's more! You still sign words as well, we make you sign please, thank you, water, more and blow kisses. You do exceptionally well pointing out body parts, or finding Mick-me on your diaper.

You have been growing teeth lately like no other. I don't know what it is but since we rang in the new year you have grown three, and about to get a fourth. That is a TON of teeth in six weeks, seeing as how you were really good at spreading them out. Also, you tend to grow yours one at a time.

We started giving you a pillow at about fifteen months. You love it because you are such a tummy sleeper and are always tucking your knees up under you. I think it helps keep you level and isn't so hard on your little neck while you sleep.

You continue to remain a picky eater. We are still offering all sorts of fruits and veggies and hoping that you'll change your mind. Seeing as how you only have seven teeth up front you still prefer soft or pureed foods. You are still a major fan of beans, avocado, cheetos. Your favorites lately have been dried fruits. Dried strawberries are your FAVORITE!

We started you in swim lessons this past month and to say you are a fan would be an understatement. I can't wait to see how you do this summer, you are going to be a little fish! You are always fighting us to let you go in the water, you want to be independent so bad. Soon enough little one!

You are still sleeping well, going to bed around 715 and sleeping until we wake you at 530. You take one nap anywhere from 2-3 hours. On a weekend you usually go to bed around 8 and wake up by 7. As soon as you hear the dog, you're up!

You are still wearing a size five diaper, an overnight diaper in a size five and a size five shoe. The size five shoes are still a tad big on you. Clothes are around 18-24 months and pants up to 2T can fit you (if they are rolled up - shorty!) We will blame your big belly. :) You weigh about 24 pounds. Speaking of shoes, your new favorite thing is taking them off and trying to put them back on. You spend ALOT of time during the day attempting to do this.

You continue to LOVE daycare. You have really developed a special bond with one of your teachers at school. She lets you go with her on special errands and you always tend to gravitate towards her. It's pretty cute. Occasionally you'll even ask her to make a mohawk of your hair! They told me you keep them on their toes. I went to pick you up one day last week and they said you gave them quite a scare. I had to ask them to explain what they meant. They said that one of the girls was changing a diaper and the other one was sweeping the floor after snack and they looked up and you had scaled a bookshelf and were standing on top, getting into the upper half of the split cabinets. I told them they should see you at home! :)

They sing lots of songs at school. You came home one weekend and all you would do was grab your elbow and do a tomahawk chop and grin at us while chopping. We finally figured you wanted to hear the Skinamarink-y Dink-y Dink song. You'll also tap your head multiple times when you want to sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. You are so silly! You can point at body parts when we ask, and can make noises of animals when we ask you to. Lately, every time you hear a dog bark you mimic it. You also LOVE to dance. Your favorite songs to dance to are the Hot Dog Dance from Mickey's Clubhouse and Pants by VeggieTales. You are SO cute because you have your Daddy's rhythm. Either you sway side to side or you alternate your hands in the air. That's about the extent of it!

You continue to love anything artistic. Coloring with markers and crayons you really enjoy, and you are always bringing home new masterpieces from school. This week you are learning about pets at school, so your artwork has revolved around sensory things like making a "cat" by gluing pipe cleaners on paper for whiskers. Cute! We had to print of special pictures of your buddy Pearl to show to the class. I can't wait for you to share!

{cleaning up a mess. What a little helper!}

You are pretty proficient at the iPad as well. You love to scroll pages, open and close apps and play in a few of your favorites that include: Phone 4 Kids, PeekABoo Barn and I Hear Ewe. You can't get enough of the helicopter sound in I Hear Ewe, I think thats because at school you can see the helicopters on the helipad from the playground!

{you and daddy with the helicopter you all made!}

You love to see how things work, and helping your Daddy make/fix/do things is your favorite. You are so observant and we love showing you new things each day.

Keep growing and learning little one, we love you so!

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