Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Favorite Photo From January

I took a lot of photos I really liked in January. Camden with his first sucker, a giant bruise, blowing big bubbles and actually holding still and grinning at the camera.

{look at that grin! So cute!} I don't think people realize how hard it is to get a 17 month old kid to hold still, smile and look at the camera. A feat that is pretty much impossible!

But of all the photos I took? That's not the favorite.

This one is my favorite.

Just those tiny precious feet. Those feet that are generally always moving, running, climbing. I snapped this picture real quick - almost on accident in between him pushing his cart and begging for "buh-bulhs" and waiting on Dad to get home. These are the feet have grown so much since he was born; the feet that can now hold him up as pigeon toed as they may be, the feet that are still as ticklish as ever.

It is so much my favorite that I ordered it in an 8x10 size from MPix in a metallic print, and I am going to put it on the frame and hang in the living room as art.

I love those precious feet. :)

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