Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Back before Christmas Camden and I stopped by this lady's studio who makes art out of hand and footprints, usually putting them on ornamental plates or on canvas. I secretly went on my day off, and pitched an idea that I thought best fit with my needs. A toolbelt! The lady at Dimple Toes was super sweet, and despite having never done a tool belt before, she googled some ideas and promised me she'd make it work. I told her I had full faith in her, and she promised I'd have it by the beginning of February. Perfect for a Valentine's gift for the Hubs!

Well, after my mom slipped a hint, I couldn't wait any longer and Camden and I gave it to him early. Here is the finished product, a canvas painting of a toolbelt with a hand and footprint hidden within!

{So stinking awesome, right? It definitely exceeded my expectations.}

After some discussion with Husband, we decided for a change in hallway art. (I had it made thinking he would hang it up in his office, but he instead wanted to keep it at home. I was more than okay with that decision, because that meant I could enjoy it as well!) If you all know us, we don't change things around once we have it how we like it, so a revamped wall was a nice change in decoration. We took down our wedding guestbook that was a large framed picture, and switched it out for our Dimple Toes art and a blown up 8x10 of my most recent favorite picture, the one of little feet in the grass.

{A welcome change! Also: Pardon the crappy iPhone pics. I got a little lazy, but at least I can admit it.}

Happy Valentine's Day folks, also known as Happy Singles Awareness Day! We have no major plans, and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm not a fan of crowds or cold weather and would much rather stay in and play with the monkey of a toddler. Hope everyone has a great day!

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