Monday, February 27, 2012

Recent Projects

We have had a few different projects going on in our household as of lately.

Most of them are not completed, but I thought I'd document a few and maybe hold us accountable to finally finishing them.

First we have our bedroom wall, above our headboard. It was boring and bland for the last 5 years, but after taking an amazing trip to Australia and buying some gorgeous photographed prints from a local photographer there, we decided to remedy this.

The pictures we bought from the photographer in Oz came matted, so once we got home we took them to Hobby Lobby and had them framed. We hung our three pictures up on our wall, and it stayed like that for a few months. Finally I decided to get with the program and print off a bunch of the photos I took as well and put them on our wall to make an Australia college.

Little did we know, that the mats from the photographer in Australia would be a weird shade of white so what should have been an easy weekend project of buying frames with mats and setting it all up, turned into a multiple weekend project. Finally we had custom mats made that sorta match the Oz mats and everything is framed and ready to go.

The problem? The frames are all laid out on the floor - they just haven't made their way to a permanent place on the wall.

Soon, I hope.

Project Number Two is quickly on track to be completed much faster than Project Number One. Why you ask? Oh, probably because it involves building something; which is right up Husband's alley.

What is he building?

A playhouse for Camden to play in. It's going to be AH-MAZING.

Husband looked at different plans, made sketches, busted out AUTOCAD on his computer and tweaked it so it will hopefully be within our HOA standards. Then he started on it right away.

So this is what we've been parking around all week!! Impressive huh? Camden's going to luuuuuurrrrve it SO much. Husband's parents redid their extra room and in the process pulled up their carpet and switched out to wood floors. So - the extra carpet is getting repurposed in his play house. Did I mention that it is going to have REAL working windows and a porch? Cause it is. Husband for the win!

Woot! I'm not sure who is more excited?? Probably me, because I remember playing in our "doll house" that my dad had built growing up. It was a cute little house that was painted to match our parents house exactly! It was so much fun.

And now our little trouble maker is going to have a blast!

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