Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Newest Diaper Dolphin

Camden had his first 'swim lesson' this week at a local swim school. I saw a LivingSocial deal for the classes to be half off - so I quickly snatched it up. For fifty bucks we snagged a six week class that we can practice our swimming in. We didn't necessarily NEED to buy this as Camden LOVES the water and my in-laws have a great pool, but I figured since he loves it so much, why not get a head start on the summer?

Camden LOVED it. Love might be an understatement. They practiced putting water on them, getting them to lay on their backs and float, blowing bubbles (if you know Camden's obsession with bubbles you know this was his favorite) and how to kick and paddle with their bodies. They even practiced climbing out of the side of the pool. All of this while singing songs and playing with toys.

Camden was sold as soon as he and Husband got in the pool, but practicing blowing bubbles? His favorite. He kept doing it all through the class. He also kept turning around and waving at his audience watching through the window that included myself, my sister and his CiCi. Oh my WORD, was it adorable!

As we were leaving, Camden proceeded to throw the mother of all fits because we were walking out the door. Legs pumping simultaneously, arms flailing about and loud screeching all because we were leaving. I think it's safe to say he LOVES the water!

{learning to kick}

{still blowing bubbles}

{more waving. Checking to make sure his audience was still watching! Talk about melt my heart adorable. Love that kid.}

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