Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Sliding Fool

Camden was invited to a birthday party this past weekend. It was held at Bounce U, somewhere we had never been. It was a late party at 730p which is normally bedtime, so to prepare we kept him up late in the afternoon so he could have a late nap. Turns out, it was WELL worth it. Camden LOVED the place. We stuck him in some bounce houses and let him bounce and run around, play with the air guns, climb over things and go down the slides.

{he loved it! Can you tell?}

{tired babies}

{the birthday girl!}

The party was split into two rooms. You spent the first thirty minutes in the first room, and the second 30 minutes in the other room. The second room and a HUGE slide, and that was by far Camden's favorite thing. We would slide down it with him, and he'd get to the bottom and immediately start signing "more" nonstop. He'd say it too, "mo mo mo". So up again we went. Over and over. He would grin at the bottom each time! Towards the end we decided to just drop him down on his own. Homeboy LOVED going by himself. He laughed and grinned and would hop up and ask for "mo".

Here's a video of us letting him slide down on his own. He thought it was hilarious.

We had the same problem leaving the slide that we had leaving the pool. Kid started kicking and crying, arms flailing while asking for 'mo'. We told him repeatedly to "wave bye" and "all done" but that didn't satisfy him. Apparently, the late nap did the trick. I think he could have stayed up all night going down the slide.

The last thirty minutes of the party were spent in the party room with the birthday girl, eating cake and ice cream and opening presents. It was nearing 9 so we cut out early as it was in Camden's best interest.

It was a blast of a party, and I can't wait to take Camden back there again to a free bounce activity of some sort.

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