Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Zoo Visit in the books

A few weeks ago, Husband needed to take a day of vacation before losing an accumulation of his hours. It was right around C's birthday, and it was the day after Husband's birthday. I was off already for working the weekend, so we decided to go do something fun for the boys' birthdays. This is where our zoo membership comes in! Luckily it was still in August when the zoo opens a full two hours earlier than normal, so we could get up and go early and get lots in before naptime. What was super awesome about this was it seems that most feeding times are pretty early in the morning, so we were there in enough time to watch the lions and snow leopards get fed. We stuck around to watch the Sea Lion show and even played on the playground. It was a fun little family outing and Little C seemed to really enjoy it as well. We are determined to get our money's worth out of our little membership, so hopefully we will go back soon!! Unfortunately, I forgot to pack my good camera and left it plugged in at home charging. So, these are all phone pics. Thank goodness for technology!

This is a Kudu. It looked a lot like a deer, and was RIGHT next to us.

watching the giraffes
the earless goat thingy, in the Children's petting zoo.
feeding time for the lions. Yes, that is a keg that must be a toy. Keepin' in classy.
They actually hide their meat all around and make them work to find it.
Waving to the animals.

Feeding time for the snow leopards.
Petting the goats.
Getting all defensive and showing her teeth.
This is Sandra. 

This is what Sandra is. 
Sandra followed us around and Camden waved at her alot. Curious little bird.

Yup. Still earless.

Do you see the sloth?

Okay here's a close up!!

We had a blast at the zoo. Can't wait to go back!!


  1. Fun! We were in St. Louis this weekend, their zoo is FREE and it is pretty awesome. You all should go next time you're in St. Louis if you haven't been.

  2. That earless fella is kind of creepy!