Saturday, September 22, 2012

Petri Dish

Having a two year old in daycare is seriously like having my very own little Petri dish.

Wednesday afternoon his teachers called me from class to say Camden had thrown up. They said he had his afternoon snack of cheese, ate it pretty quickly and then went running with his friends outside. They weren't concerned, thinking it was a combination of that. When I walked in to pick him up at 3:05, homeboy was on the playground without a shirt and they were stripping off his shoes.

Not. A. Good. Sign.

Turns out he had taken a drink from the water cooler and then ran over to the sandbox and then had some more explosive vomit.

Awesome. But what was really awesome about it? I had a haircut scheduled for that afternoon. I was abnormally excited about this haircut because it had been since 2/22 AKA 7 MONTHS. That is NOT normal, or should it really ever be acceptable.

What's a desperate split-ended Momma to do?

She took her chances and went to get her hair done. And on the way? Little C continued to vomit. That's when I realized the first voms? Weren't a fluke. NOT cool.

He laid on my lap and chest while I got my hair washed, vomiting twice. Then he sat on my mom's lap while I got my hair cut. I bailed out of there, without even getting my hair dried, hoping that we could get home. He vomited probably 5-6 times in the car, and countless times at the hair salon.

We came home and poor kid laid on the floor and was sickly all night. He didn't talk much, usually just screaming after each pathetic vomit. And I use the term vomit loosely. I mean, most of the time nothing came out. And when it did? It was foamy spit. No fun. He didn't eat, just begged for milk or juice occasionally.

We put him straight to bed that night, only one instance of vomming while in bed. And Momma caught it all in a bowl. He woke up at 2 am, crying for milk. We tried to ignore him, but he kept demanding. So finally husband gets up to find little C in his chair, rocking and insisting on milk.

I think we put him back to bed while cried "no, no! no lay down!", repeatedly. Finally he fell asleep but woke back up after thirty minutes or so. Finally, I relented. He got one ounce of pedialyte and held it down. Of course he demanded more, so after thirty minutes and that stayed down I gave him a little more. Enough to get him to sleep until my alarm went off at five.

We got up and sent little C to great grandma's. He was fine there, demanding milk until she gave in. They went on a walk, he played and only napped an hour. Therefore he fell asleep early Thursday night, which was much needed.

And early bedtime was not needed just because I barely got sleep the night before, but because my throat started KILLING me halfway through my day Thursday. I was so tired on top of that - I didn't have energy to even talk. I came home and that night? I had a wicked fever. No fun.

I woke up Friday, took little C to school and went to work. Called my doctor as soon as I could get an appointment, with my complaints of rapid onset of throat pain, fever and headache.

When I went to the doctor, I met with the PA who was determined that I just had a viral throat infection. He insisted that my low grade fever wasn't high enough to be related to strep. He gave me instructions about how to deal with a virus then said "well I will do a strep test but if this comes back negative there isn't much we can do, but wait it out". So he was pretty darn sure that it was just going to be viral. So sure that he wasn't even going to run a 24 hour strep test, when I know fully well that the rapid strep test is only right like 60% of the time.

Much to his surprise, that bad boy turned positive. And you could hear it in his voice when he said, "oh! It looks like it is positive!" Ha. I wanted to pump my fist all in the air and say "TOLD YOU SO" but figured that wasn't appropriate. I just knew it came on too fast and I had no other symptoms that would make me think it was related to allergies or even a virus.

I continued to mention that my husband was complaining of the same symptoms and luckily he agreed to give husband a prescription for the same.

Husband and I are both taking our meds, and as I'm starting to feel better I am attempting to wash/santitize anything that might have germies on it so we don't reinfect ourselves.

I am definitely not in the mood to do this again anytime soon.

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  1. I hope that you guys all feel better soon! Geoff and Hudson have both had throat infections this week, too and are on antibiotics. We are waiting on Hudson's strep test that was sent off but it looks like he will be heading to the ENT bc of one too many throat infections.