Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Randomness

I want to start this post off by saying, 9/11, we will never forget. It's one of those moments you'll never forget, like what I talked about the other day.

It is such a defining moment in our history that I didn't want to not recognize it before I continue on with my rather unimportant information I plan to sputter out.

*Camden weighs 26.5 pounds. He is so tall and so heavy now a days. It's so weird.

*People sometimes don't think he's my kid. I mean, he is SO blonde. Should I die my hair back blonde? (ohkay - not really. I mean I get my hair cut three times a year, so my roots would be AWFUL). Plus the back of his head is definitely getting darker. Sad face.

*I am dying to watch the Hunger Games. Maybe one day I'll actually have the time to watch it. The series was an AMAZING read, so I am really looking forward to it.

*I am still waiting on a call from my referral. I called the doctors office last Friday and they put in the referral the day I went to my PCP, and that was 8/24. After I asked they gave me the phone number to the doctor they referred me to. I called them THREE TIMES last Friday leaving messages starting at 8am and got ABSOLUTELY no response. Not a fan. I called again today and left a message and of course got no call back. I called my doctor to inquire about a referral elsewhere. Such a PAIN in the rear. And I bet I won't get an appointment for another MONTH at least.

*Church has been really amazing lately. Between the sermons at church regarding having a failproof marriage and how to not be financially strapped and then special talks to the ladies from the pastor's wife, It really helped me to see a different perspective on things. I mean, it really isn't about me. It's about Him. So does it matter what I am doing, needing or wanting? Not at all. Also, are we Godly? What does that mean? To me it means asking for His help before I have a reaction. I'm really working on thinking before I speak or act, because some of my reactions to things just are NOT NECESSARY. I think this has been a huge lesson for me.

*Another lesson God is teaching me right now? Without a doubt is PATIENCE. See two stars above. After I typed that I realized that again, I am not just waiting and knowing that he will take care of this. Waiting is so hard.

*Lastly, I have been learning how to just not worry. Which is a definite plus as worrying is a sin. But, I am being a little TOO casual at times, even wanting to blow this whole neurology thing off. I know I am doing the right thing by getting it checked out, but it's such a pain that I just want to write it off and forget it, chalk it up to a headache the day of my first MRI and just continue living my life. But, that is not the right answer. Praying for wisdom!

*I am loving that we have an abundance of cantaloupe in our backyard. It makes a nice breakfast snack!

*I'm hoping to borrow a new read from my sister in law - Sun Stand Still. It's a book by Steven Furtick that's been out a while, considering he just launched his second book. But, I really could use a new read and it was a great two week sermon that he preached in church a while back.

*It's a small world. Found out some people that I volunteer with at church actually work with my sister in law. I love things like that, I really do!!

Okay, well I think that is all of the random bullet points for now.

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