Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sheldon, get your feet off the furniture!

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about Sheldon quite a bit.

Cause I do. It's natural, right? I mean, what's he doing in there, just chillin' with his feet up reading a magazine and drinking a cold one?

Has he been there all my life? Did he show up with hormone changes like pregnancy? Has he grown a lot or has he always just existed? Where exactly is he?

It's weird having all these questions to ask and no way to really answer. Not until I meet a doctor at least. Oh, ya know...One of those people that I have had to hurry up and wait for.

The latest on the doctor saga is this: our health system moves SLOW. I asked for a referral and my doc reluctantly put one in to OU Neurology. (in my eyes, that should have been a red flag right there..OU?? Bleh.) They had two full weeks before I started calling them up. Finally when I did it took everything I had to not go all Charlie Sheen on them or something. I called three times in one day, clearly stating my issue and how I already have scans from a very fancy machine here in town and I just need them read. I'm telling the receptionist my life story when she finally looks me up on the computer and says "oh you're in the system, the referral specialist will call you back". So I waited for that call from the referral specialist.


So I called again the early next day, this time with a hint of frustration and pissy in my tone. The same receptionist stating, "oh I remember you, she should call back. Be sure and leave her a message honey". By the end of that day with no return call, I called my primary doc and requested a new referral.

Turns out they are equally slow paced, taking FOUR days to put in a new referral even though this time I was specific on which doctor I wanted as even provided them with the name, address and phone of the new doctor.

So, there I was. In a holding pattern. Luckily for me, Husband has a fantastic cousin whose amazing spouse works with MRIs.

And he was able to hook me up. I have these CDs in my possession that I can't open at home cause I have a Mac. Even if I could open them my untrained eye wouldn't see anything. So he was able to take them to work and tell me what he thought.

And he says it's definitely there. It's definitely hanging out. Looks like a cyst? He said he has seen some Sheldon's before, and he did a little research on them. Apparently they are more common in women. Definitely will need a follow up scan with contrast.

Not sure what the plan will be but since I have no symptoms? It looks like he gets to continue to sit back and chill on his couch that is my brain and drink his beer, as long as the neurosurgeon agrees.

I can't tell you what a relief it is to at least have a little insight into the situation. It has been so hard to be patient. I am learning so much from this, learning to be still, be calm.

I've been reading some of Steven Furtick's book Sun Stand Still. And it's about teaching you how to pray and to believe God can do the impossible. So, I'm taking a huge lesson and leap of faith and putting it all in His hands. What else is there to do? Honestly, this solution allows me the most peace anyway. How people do without that peace?

I'll (thankfully) never know.

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