Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stuff My Baby Likes (And Mom too!) 4 Month Edition

Baby Legs
Have you guys seen these? I LOVE them. Which is not what I can say for my husband as he thinks that leg warmers are strictly a girl thing. But what is amazing about them is they are fabulous for being at home. Meaning, I can put long socks on him and a onesie and viola! Diaper changing is a snap. Plus, I think they are pretty yummy. I am hoping they will be pretty handy come time to crawl. If I wanna protect those little knees I will just put some "socks" on them!

Scout is the Leapfrog dog that you can personalize to say baby's name, as well as pick out baby's favorite songs, colors, bedtime lullabys. Camden loves his Scout and Mom and Dad thorougly enjoying singing along with Scout during diaper changes and such.

V-Tech Car/Ball
V-Tech has some pretty cool toys as well. Camden loves to sit in Daddy's lap and drive his car. It's pretty cute to watch and he's actually pretty good and steering the wheel. Husband is more than ready for him to be go kart ready, but I am not in any hurry to rush anything. :) The ball is neat because it will encourage crawling when we get to that stage. I think it's pretty cool how it moves around on its own.

I read a review of this on another Mom blog and let me just say, AWESOME. I absolutely LOVE mine. It is much easier on Little C's nose, and he definitely doesn't seem to mind it. There is not much crying involved with the Nosefrida whereas with the bulb aspirator he would cry and cry. I felt horrible when he had that nasty cold and we had to stick that nose sucker WAY up there. With this one you just stick it at the end of the nostril and suck in with your lungs really hard. I feel like my lungs can suck better and faster than the bulb aspirator can, which is why I find this amazing. It has a filter in it and supposedly that keeps the adult from getting sick, but who really knows. I'm not too worried about getting sick, especially at this point. Since I am breastfeeding any germs I get I will make antibodies for them, which is what he will need anyway.

And these are our current favorites. I'm sure there will be many more to come!

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