Friday, January 7, 2011

Well, it is the end of yet ANOTHER week. Where does time go? This week has been rather uneventful, but with nicer than normal weather. I hear this is going to be changing in the next 24 hours. :( I find this unfortunate as lil C and I are still struggling with our colds, and I feel like cold weather isn't going to make this any easier. Come on SUMMERTIME!

I am excited for this weekend. Namely because I don't have much planned. At all.

I need that.

The highest priority on my list? Sleep. I want to catch up on my sleep. And it sounds delightful. Besides that I want to research making baby food, as Camden is going to be starting solids really soon, and I want to whip up a few things myself. I hear it can be really easy, and I would much rather give him fresh/organic anyway. So, we will see how that fares here in the next few weeks.

Other than that, I plan to snuggle extra with my boys.

Mmmmm. Perfect!

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  1. Check out the book "Super Baby Foods." I bought it at Barnes and Noble when Dawson was a baby.