Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Non Specific Rash.

What is a non specific rash you ask? Beats me. It is exactly that apparently, non specific. Camden started an antibiotic last week to help him get rid of his nasty cough/cold that he's had for a month. He was started on Cefzil which is Pencillin based. He had some dry spots on his back before he started the antibiotic, but since taking it a rash has blossomed. And by blossomed I mean on his scalp, belly, arms, legs. It is especially bad on his lower back. I took him back to the pediatrician hoping he would have me switch meds or tell me what it was and that is what I got.

"A non specific rash". *facepalm*.

He said an allergy would have welts. He told us to keep taking the meds. And we are. In the meantime I have tried to think of ANYTHING that I may have possibly changed as we have never had a skin problem before. I went through the list. No new laundry detergent, foods, soaps, lotions, anything. He hasn't been too hot that I know of. He hasn't been wearing clothes made of anything odd.

So, I have no idea. I am keeping an eye on it to see how this turns out, but I can't for the life of me figure out what may have caused it. I am waiting to try solids (if he were to have a reaction, how would I know??) until I see if finishing the antibiotic clears him up. Time will tell.

{the infamous non specific rash}

Before this rash we had a slight problem with ringworm. We put cream on it and the skin started getting a little irritated. This picture below is why I may not win Parent of the Year award, as it "looks like a burn", according to the pediatrician.

On the plus side, this was over a week ago and it is almost completely healed up now. :)

But back to the rash, does that look familiar to anyone??


  1. Poor little guy! That is terrible, I feel so bad for him :(

    When Janne started giving her little guy rice ceral he got a rash from it. She was putting it in his bottles to help keep him full longer but he didn't react well to it. He didn't have welts either. I have no idea if you're even giving him rice cereal. I hope it clears up soon.

  2. Stopping everything and starting over sounds like a good plan. Mom knows best :) I'm with you though, I've had allergic skin reactions to things and not gotten welts. Like adhesive from bandages, it just makes my skin red for a week or two, it doesn't form a welt.

  3. Dawson's rash is gone now. It cleared up when we changed antibiotics. I will be curious to hear if Camden's does.