Saturday, January 22, 2011

Five Months: A Letter

Dear Camden,

As usual, I still can't believe it is time to start writing another letter! We have been busy this past month, and again had lots of "firsts".

{Camden and Cousin Lauren being read the Christmas story by Cousin Andy and Cousin Katie.}

You had your first Christmas, which was a blast. You also gave us a nice little "Christmas Miracle" by sleeping ALL. NIGHT. LONG. This was really enjoyable because Mom forgot to set the alarm so we *ALL* overslept by an hour. It took you another three weeks to do this again, and it is still few and far between.

Regarding sleep, you are starting to get better at sleeping for longer stretches. You are still waking up an average of 3-4 times a night, but Mommy no longer picks you up or feeds you. Instead we pat your back, plug you with a paci and turn on your sleep sheep that makes noises and let you settle yourself back to sleep. So far it has been working out okay, fingers crossed that you keep this trend up and can learn to sleep longer stretches!

You went in for your four month appointment on Jan 3rd, but you were too sick to get your 4 month shots. Poor baby, you had a nasty cough and were all kinds of stopped up. That particular cold stuck around for two weeks or more, icky.

You seem to be attempting to work out some sort of routine (finally!!). You are eating about five times a day, anywhere from 2-8 ounces. You still nurse, but Mom usually pumps as it works better with our schedule. Total in a day you are eating anywhere from 25-30 ounces, but are usually on the lower end of the 25.

{First taste of cereal on Christmas with Cousin Kaitlyn}

You are loving daycare. I will walk in to pick you up for the day and you will be in the corner playing with the toys and just talking up a storm. The other babies will be so quiet, but I can hear ya before I am even inside the room! So cute. They always ask me, "Does he sleep in a crib?" And I answer "yes" and I ask why, and they say it is usually because you are SO good at falling asleep on the floor. They say as soon as they move you to your crib, you are awake and not having naptime. You just play yourself to sleep! Just like your Daddy you are always on the go, until you pass out because you just can't possibly fit anymore into your day without a little rest!

You had your first taste of rice cereal which you seem to enjoy. You are getting pretty good at eating the rice cereal and oatmeal, we are really working on it! I think you tend to favor the oatmeal more. We don't give it to you every night though, once we get a routine and hopefully get this sleeping thing worked out, we hope to start you on some more solid foods. Yay!

{The very first bite of rice cereal!}

You are getting so much better at rolling. You still roll really well from your belly to your back, and you are awful quick about it. The first time you rolled over at daycare they said it happened so fast that no one saw it! The way you roll is adorable, you push your little bottom in the air, then use the momentum to swing those hips over and flip yourself. You are pretty good at scooting yourself all over the floor when you are having tummy time as well. You will be quite the mover before too long! They say at daycare you are rolling both ways, but so far at home all we have really seen is getting almost all the way there but then getting stuck on that shoulder of yours while rolling. Mommy has become good at being a "human spatula". Since you are rolling, sometimes you will do it at night while you are sleeping. When this happens you tend to wake up on your back and furious that you are that way. This is where Mommy comes in and flips you over, plugs you with your paci and leaves until the next time!

When eating, you can hold your own bottle now. Such a big boy! The first day that you were really good at this was 1-11-11. (I had to note the date. Too fun!)

You finally learned how to actually JUMP in your jumperoo. Since you figured that out you really seem to enjoy your time playing in it. You get the biggest grin on your face once you realize you are responsible for the jumping!

You are still intrigued with your 'big sister'. You watch her constantly, and you even reach to pet her. If she comes and sits by you, you will stroke her. Sometimes you realize what you are doing, others you don't, but either way it is just precious.

{Jake is also a big fan of Camden-time!}

You had your first haircut to trim down all of the extra "flyaways" sticking off the top of your head. Your dad insisted. :) Now your hair is soft and fuzzy like a little baby duckling!

We have had a nasty bout with ringworm in the last two weeks. SO gross, we have no idea where it came from. Hopefully we can get that all cleared up and go without bandaids soon! You have also been dealing with a HORRENDOUS cold, that you are currently on antibiotics for. We have been to the doctor a few times though and so far no ear infections or chest congestion, so hopefully you can get well soon.

You absolutely love to play with you feet and have been doing so since Christmas. This makes diaper changes especially hard as you love to put those feet in your mouth! Some days I will pick you up from daycare and you will have wet socks, so I know what you have been up to!

You are wearing size two diapers, but our supply of twos is getting low and I am tempted to just go ahead and move you up to size threes before too long. You are wearing mostly 6 month clothes, as 3-6 month tends to be a little tight or show off your 'midriff' if it isn't a onesie. You are growing so fast little man!

Little C, you continue to be the light of my life. Your Daddy and I love you so!

As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be,

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