Friday, January 28, 2011


A few weeks ago, late on a Friday night, Camden and I were just peacefully snuggling in our chair and I hear a loud CRASH, that literally almost made me jump out of my chair. Even the dog perked up and as we met eyes I know we were both thinking, "What was that?!?". While juggling Lil C I manage to get out of the chair and peek out of the blinds to see that our mailbox was still standing, so I figured there must not be much to worry about. (See, we live right at the center of a T intersection and we just KNOW that one day someone is going to turn the corner wrong/too fast and take out our mailbox).

Hubby gets home maybe an 30 minutes later and is questioning me as to what on earth was going on down the road. I hadn't had a clue as I only peeked out to check our mailbox. Chris said there was a wrecker towing a car at the end of the street, causing the street to be blocked off, as well as a cop car with its lights on. To get home, he had to drive the long way around the block.

Upon further inspection, we noticed the grass in the corner of our yard was very badly torn up. We followed the tracks up the yard, into the neighbors drive, and then back out to the street. Curiousity killed the cat husband and so he decided to walk down the street to see what was up. At this point, he noticed there was a person in the back of the cop car, and the wrecker with a wrecked little car with two front flat tires was pulling away.

Turns out someone did take that corner too fast.

They ramped the curb at the end of our yard, flew into the neighbors drive (they leave both of their Hondas parked in the driveway and the back of one of their cars got pretty scraped up). Then this person managed to end up back on the street but with a car that was no longer driveable.

Below are cell phone pictures of the trajectory. Notice neighbors driveway is empty (It was during the day when the pics were taken)

These pictures hardly do the damage justice, as it was snowy at picture time and it was covering up alot of the dirt tracks.

We are thankful no one got hurt, and the person who was driving recklessly got caught. In conclusion, drive careful people!

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  1. Um...idiot indeed. That is crazy! I'm glad he didn't make it further into your yard than he did.