Thursday, January 20, 2011

4 Months, 3 weeks, 6 days.

Ha, how do you like that for a title?

Anyhow, the mister went in Jan 3rd for his four month well baby check, and guess what? He was too sick for those shots as you may recall. We scheduled an appointment for two weeks later as the doctor assumed he would be well.

That appointment came on Tuesday, a little over two weeks since our last appointment, and guess what? Camden was STILL sick. Now of course, while we are with the doctor he's kicking his legs like he does in the bathtub, playing/kicking with the the paper on the table making all sorts of racket and trying to eat the paper while laughing and smiling. Basically in the best. mood. ever. The doctor states "well that's one happy baby for being sick, lets do the shots". While waiting for the shots, little mister became extremely fussy. He was almost like a little bipolar patient, he was so labile! Maybe he knew what was coming. We got our shots, and the poor thing had the biggest crocodile tears streaming down his face! Gosh, that part is just so sad to see.

While the doctor was in, he asked how long Lil C had been hanging out with his friend the cough. I said since the beginning of the year and he stated that it was "too long for baby to still have cough" and so he FINALLY gave us some antibiotics. I think he had hoped the problem would resolve itself without the intervention of meds, but it hasn't. Camden gave some nice coughs and some good snotty boogies while the doctor was in the room, and was almost rattling while breathing when the doctor checked his ears. I think the doctor was sold on the antibiotic when I mentioned Camden had spit up the day before and there was green mixed in with the spit. (sorry that was a little graphic).

Yay for finally getting on some antibiotics! We have another check up in two weeks to make sure it nipped everything in the bud. We will have to see if it helps, fingers crossed for sure. I am tired of the sickies and having a fussy baby who doesn't like to eat when sick!

Even though we did stats two weeks earlier, we did them again.

Weight: 15.9 ounces (almost 8 oz in 2 weeks, not bad considering he fusses when eating...)
Height: 26 inches (she said he grew an inch in two weeks. I'm thinkin' she measured wrong!)
Head: 41 cm

Percentiles according to the CDC chart? 50%, 75% and 25% respectively.

And that's where we are at!

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