Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Picking my Brain...

*Why does it seem that NBC is bent on giving spoilers out on their own coverage of the Olympics? I mean, I can understand why other networks would post spoilers or tweet, that way people won't be interested in watching. But if you watch the National News on NBC? Yep, they will spoil it. I don't get it.

*Why do people wear PERFUME to the gym? I guess I will never understand this one. Goodnight, it is wicked strong, enough to knock me off my treadmill. Will not literally but lets just say I finished up quick and bailed. Hooboy.

*Why do the Olympic gymnasts from other countries put that glitter crap in their hair like kids do on Halloween? I don't see how that is trendy either.

*Anyone else super tired from staying up until 11p to watch the Olympics, just because you really don't want to miss it? Even though you already know what happens?

*Why did Carter's change their coupons to not be useable on clearance? That's kind of a low blow. That's how I got so many awesome deals on Camden's clothes in the past!

*Why do kids seem to get sick in the middle of the week, rather than the end?

*Why can't my dishes do themselves? haha.

Okay enough rhetorical questions, I'll stop there!

1 comment:

  1. Why doesn't the Laundry fold it's self?

    Why does Kohl's have the same things Carter's does, but cheaper?

    Why do I wear a different size at every store?

    Why do people ring the doorbell when the sign says don't?

    If Friday is "the weekend" then everyone should have it off.

    Why do I have to pay the same amount to get Harper into an OSU game when she doesn't even need a seat?

    *Ok I'm done!* :)