Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Some Like it Hot!

So, it's ridiculously hot here.

Like, BAD!

We are going under voluntary and soon to be mandatory water restrictions in town. Local Targets and dimming the lights and cranking the thermostats up from 2-6p a few times a week to prevent electrical outages due to the increased power usage.

Splash pads are being turned off, golf courses restricted on when they are allowed to water.

It's insane. The high today? Is 113. Yesterday, our town was the hottest spot on the map of ALL. OF. AMERICA at 6am in the morning.

We are under severe drought warnings. We need rain. Like whoa.

So despite the fact that on the 7 day forecast is appears there is no end in sight, as I drove past the vacant lot this morning that houses the pumpkin patch and fresh Christmas trees, I couldn't help but realize how quickly that really will be here.

So it may seem there is no respite for these horrible temps and it will never rain again. But so very soon? It will be cooling, leaves will be falling and we will be pulling sweaters out of our closets.

So hang on for a few more weeks local friends, we can do this!!

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