Monday, August 27, 2012

Two Year Pictures

Let me tell you the story behind these pictures. 

Camden's great grandma on my Husband's Father's side - her parents built this little teeny tiny rundown house on a corner, surrounded by fields in town. It's literally only a few miles away from Camden's Great-Grandma's current home. The area around it is starting to grow up, therefore it won't be long until this beat up house with broken windows and the inside that has been gutted, will be torn down for good. I figured this was a perfect time to get some pics of Camden outside of great grandma's old house. I absolutely LOVE the red door, despite how beat up it may be.  It adds character to the photos!

Camden was not the most cooperative this day, but I did manage to get some photos. I think he was just ready to be done with pictures, luckily I got enough to be happy with two year shots.  I had a few tricks up my sleeve to get him to actually LOOK at me, or at least enjoy the photos. The books are his current favorite, and he loves his trike as he is learning how to ride it. He was excited when we pulled them out, so it helped get a few smiley shots.

This is a pullback shot of my location! Great Grandma A's house!

Happy 2 years little C!


  1. He is so precious and you are very talented with that camera! :)

  2. Good job! They turned out great!