Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sickness Shenanigans.

This has been a very interesting week.

Lots of sickness.

Sickness at work. Sickness of the little man, my own sickness.

My patients at work were especially challenging this week. Loud, intrusive and non-redirectable, it made group settings challenging and tiring.

I got called Tuesday because Camden had thrown up at daycare. I went to pick him up, and he proceeded to vomit all over himself in my car. Ew. No fever. No other symptoms.

I called the doctor's office. They proceeded to tell me that the normal pediatrician was off, but they had someone covering and if I could be there in ten minutes then they could see me. Halfway across town I knew there was no way. I asked to be connected to the nurses' line and they weren't able to answer right away, so I left a message hoping they would call me back.

I proceeded to get the dog and then drive home. Almost in the driveway I gave them another call, by this point I have been seething over the fact that the doctor couldn't wait to see me despite the fact that it wasn't even 3:45, and their hours are until 5. I mean if you are going to have someone cover for you and your office hours are until 5, wouldn't you think that means that the person would cover until 5?   The nurse finally picked up and by this point my blood was boiling. She heard from a mad mama bear, and ended up cutting me off stating "the doctor is still here, come now and we will fit you in". Thankfully, cause I might have just switched pediatricians the next day if something hadn't been done. I was THAT mad.

The lady covering was a super nice lady. I brought my diaper clad toddler in, coming only in the skivvies was necessary as there was vomit on everything else. Shoes included! She checked him out and of course he was acting okay, but I was most concerned about his ears. He was acting the way he acted before tubes. Not eating, no fever, throwing up. Sounded like an ear infection.

She checked out his ears. She looked in the left and went, "Perfect". Right ear? "Oh no, I don't know what to tell you". I think I said something along the lines of, "oh you can't do that, you have to tell me! I need to know!". She looked again. She moved around and peered some more. Finally, after what seemed like five minutes - I felt this because I was definitely holding my breath) she explained that it looked like the tube was coming out. She stated it looked to be covered in ear wax, and it was red and inflamed.

She ended up writing an anti-nausea prescription of Zofran and told me not to give him milk and just wait and see. She thought most likely he had a virus. A virus that causes no fever was surprising but hey - I'm no doctor. I just like to think I am. ;)

We came home where the little one again refused to eat. C asked for milk, but I held out. He ended up eating a few goldfish and applesauce before he went to sleep.

The next morning we woke to find him sleeping soundly on a crusty pillow of dried vomit, next to an equally vomit-covered Mickey Mouse. Ugh, poor baby. That has to stink and to not cry while throwing up and go back to sleep? Whew. Again, the only other time he did that? Ear infection.

We cleaned him and the bed up, and I called my mom who thankfully cancelled all of her appointments that day so she could come stay with him, while Husby and I worked. Have I told you all how awesome my mom is? I mean seriously, THAT is unconditional love!

He didn't eat much all day, but I finally caved and gave him milk before bed. He kept it all down and has been okay since, still his cranky/fussy self. About halfway through the day yesterday I had my mom rummage up leftover antibiotic ear drops and give them to C. It really still seemed to be ears bothering him. I mean, red and inflamed, but you get no prescriptions? (there I go again, thinking I'm a doctor).

He's has just a few drops to help with any redness while that tube falls out. The silly kid apparently likes them now, because tonight before bed he pointed at them and said "drops" and then pointed to his ear. Who would have thought after all of the flailing around in the past? He did manage to make it through a whole day today of school, just with increased fussiness.

Anyway, he seems to be better but Mom is a little worn out. And my allergies are kicking my butt. Anyone else have the problem lately? I can't stop sneezing and my sinuses keep trying to block up. I work this weekend, that means I am off tomorrow. That is why I am up typing this on a Thursday night to post! Speaking of this, I'd better run. Tomorrow is my only day to sleep in for another week or so!

Just remember, too blessed to be stressed!


  1. Awww! It's what being a mom is all about. I do it because I want to, I can, and because I love being needed by my daughter and grandson! Someday, you will do the same. I'm so thankful that I am able to be there for your little family.

    Now, we just gotta pray we get through the winter and we can hold down our jobs!!

  2. Rough week!! Poor baby. We have all had allergy problems this week!