Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1 year stats

{Please pardon the crappy cell phone pic}

So apparently my baby with the BIG belly (Seriously. If he were to run into a wall his gut would hit first) is only in the 9th percentile for weight. What? I had the nurse double check. She said 50% is 22lbs. Who knew? So basically, lil C is short and fat. Also, pay no attention to the fact that his one year appointment was almost a month late. Oops.

He was so cute at the doctor's office. He ran up to the pediatrician and put his arms up, wanting to be picked up. So the doctor picked him up and then Camden laid his little head down on the doctor's shoulder. So-o adorable. He's not shy at all! The funniest part was shots. Let me explain, because I don't mean it was funny to watch my baby get his shots. While we were waiting on the nurse to come shoot us, he started to get fussy. The toy drawer in the room wasn't cutting it anymore so I busted out the handy cheerios. He was happily munching (gumming - since he still only has two teeth) on the cheerios when she came in. She decided to go ahead and do the shots even though there was still cheerios in his mouth and hand. He was not thrilled at ALL with the process and began to holler. I picked him up as soon as possible so he wouldn't choke on his gummy cheerios that were rolling around in his mouth as he was screaming. Once I sat him up? The kid stopped screaming and immediately began shoving the cheerios left in his hand, into his mouth. He's definitely all boy. Who knew Cheerios were better than a kiss on an owie? I will definitely be bringing those to our next appointment!
{My boys. And Camden with his bandaids after his shots. Poor thing}

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