Sunday, September 25, 2011

Myringotomy: Update

I mentioned in Camden's 13 month letter that we went back to the ENT for our two week post op and his right tube was covered in a clot and was non functional. We were told to put three drops of mineral oil in it nightly for three weeks, massage it in and hope for the best. The doctor said "this works eighty percent of the time. The other times we have to go back in and fix it with surgery".

Yikes. Surgery again? Not a fan myself, neither is the bank account.

I've been faithfully putting in the drops and have been praying over him, along with family members, that this clot would resolve.

He had his fall Thursday at daycare and he fell on the right side of his head. I can't say if that may have helped or not, but this is what has been going on all weekend.

{Thursday night}

{Friday after running errands}

Now, it looks gross and it really is pretty oozy. Of course it didn't start hardcore oozing until 5:15 on Thursday evening so I called Friday as soon as the ENT office opened. When I finally got a call back I heard what I was hoping to hear, "That means you are doing good Mom! Keep putting in the oil and call us back Monday with an update. It's a good sign if it's oozing".

(I don't think I have used the word ooze this often in my life)

Anyhow, this was the news we were hoping for! So I will continue with the drops and call back on Monday. Maybe this means it is resolving, I won't know for sure until someone looks in there. But I do know that Camden definitely feels the oozing as he keeps sticking his finger in his ear. Gross. But, oozing. Yay!! Praise the Lord!

I am just so thankful for an almighty God who can heal the sick!


  1. Thanks for what you said about Grandpa. He really does have so much to look forward to. My aunts and uncles are all coming into town so that is really good.

    I'm glad C's little ear opened up. If the birth mark on his head gave that teacher a scare it is probably best she didn't see blood coming out of his ear, Haha.

  2. Yay for ooze!! And yay for the power of prayer and Gods healing hand!!! :)

  3. WOO HOO for oozing!! :) Praying for great results today when you talk to the doc!