Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thirteen Months.

Well, I questioned myself on how long I was going to continue to do these monthly letters. I figured if I am still referring to you in months, then what would it hurt to drop a quick little summary? I'm going to focus more on the bullet points to make them go a little bit quicker.

*You moved up to the big boy room the week after your birthday. This means you switched to whole milk at daycare (you still have some frozen breastmilk at home). This also means you are taking one nap a day, and it ranges from 2-3 hours.

*Because of this nap smoosh you have been going to bed thirty minutes earlier (around 730). This may not sound like a lot but it has been allowing Mommy to go to the gym after you go to bed. This is fabulous for everyone.

*You get three square meals a day, and two snacks. You get milk in the morning, with meals and at bed. At snacks you get juice or water.

*You are pointing all.the.time. You will point at what you want, and cry when you don't get it. You are can be impatient and dislike being told no.

*Once upon a time you LOVED vegetables. Now it's like pulling teeth to get you to eat any.

*Changing your diaper is like wrestling an alligator. I'll sing songs and dance in an effort to distract you but you take any chance to flip yourself over or cause some sort of mess.

*You are waving now. It is so precious. I'll come pick you up at daycare and you start waving because you know that seeing me means that it's time to go. You get so excited that you can't quit waving! You also usually let out an adorable "HEEEEEEEE" noise when you see me. You wave when we turn the water off in the tub. You wave when Mickey Mouse is over.

*In the last week or so you have taken a big dislike in being dropped off at daycare. You begin to cry as soon as I sit you down or hand you off. You know what is coming and you just don't want to leave your mommy.

*You have had quite the issue with sickness this past month. You had Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. You had a virus that left you with a fever for a week, and lots of snot and drools. You got tubes, when we went for our two week check up we found out that the right one is non-functional because it is clogged with blood. We are doing three drops of mineral oil nightly in an attempt to dislodge the clot. Hopefully this will work and we can avoid surgery.

*You LOVE yogurt melts and dried fruit that is mixed in with your puffs.

*Currently we are wearing 12 month tops/onesies and at least 18 month pants. 18 month pants are long and almost a little tight even. Your belly is pretty budda-like. You are wearing size 3 shoe and are transitioning to a 4 that is still big on you.

*You still only have two teeth. The past few days your nose has been running like a faucet and you are SUPER drooly. Drooling through three thick bibs a day at daycare, when we weren't using bibs earlier. We'll see! You love to watch us brush our teeth and you have been brushing your teeth before you had them. You love getting your (two) teeth brushed every morning!

*You love to climb. Lately I have found you standing on your toys to climb onto the fireplace. You love when your daddy helps you climb onto the chairs, and all you want to do is climb up and get down, then repeat.

*You had your first visit to the zoo. Mommy and Daddy had a coupon for free admission and it was too good to pass up. You loved running around and the freedom you had there, plus you were interested in the animals. You got to pet all the goats and were very intrigued by them.

*You love going to the park and sliding down the slides. You are almost a big boy doing this, and we let you scoot yourself down for the most part. In retrospect this may be a bad idea, seeing as how daycare called this morning and said you fell off of the big boy slide and bumped your head. I can't blame you, you love those things! You are still enjoying swinging and your dad and I like to walk to the park to play with you there after dinner.

*Funny story about the band aid report - The girl that saw you fall isn't one who normally takes care of you. When she picked you up she started freaking out. She saw your birthmark and was sure that you were already bruising. Needless to say she had ice on you quick, until the girl who normally takes care of you calmed her down. I think you gave her a good scare!

Well my little thirteen month old, we love you so much. Keep growing and making us proud!
Love you,

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