Saturday, September 24, 2011

Out with the Old...

And in with the new.

{Camden's old crib at daycare}

{Camden's cubby in his new room}

{Part of the play area. It looks small but there are two other areas including little tables with chairs that they sit at to eat(chairs still buckle but they work on getting them to sit like big kids!). This also connects right to their playground area.}

I'll admit, I was in TOTAL denial about my baby moving up a room at daycare. I wanted to resist, I mean, how is it possible that my little one can do ONE nap a day? ON A COT?? Eat with a spoon? Play in the commons with the big kids? It just didn't seem possible.

I had no idea that he was going to be SO ready for it. And when I thought it would be IMPOSSIBLE to switch to one nap a day? He did it rather seamlessly and it may be the best thing ever. By the time I pick him up he has been up for about 45 minutes and had afternoon snack. So he is in an AMAZING mood and we get to play and have fun. Going to bed thirty minutes earlier isn't so much that I feel like I'm missing out on time spent with him, and I get a little bit more 'me' time. For not being a sleeper he has a decent schedule going on. He has really thrived on this schedule. He gets to go outside more and play. There is a lot more space and manipulatives. There are theme weeks. Last week was farm week. Everyday he did a related craft, sang farm songs, read farm books and had a blast. I have an adorable painted muddy pig, corn cob, tractor, cotton-balled sheep in crafts to bring home. I get such a detailed report about his day (I even know when he poops!) and what he did so I know he is in some very capable hands.

Even though I resist change, this change has been well worth it.

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  1. He is such a big boy!!! I am so happy he adjusted so well!!