Sunday, September 4, 2011


Well many of you know that Friday was a big day in our household. It was T-Day! In an attempt to relieve little man of his chronic otitis media we went ahead with the myringotomy procedure.

Camden was a little rockstar through the whole procedure. When we woke him up and put him in his carseat that morning he was a little confused. Normally he gets some milk, a change of clothes, and his hair and teeth brushed. We skipped all that in lieu of letting him sleep later.

We headed to the building where the procedure was done. We checked in and were given a little teddy bear. It wasn't long before we were taken back to the pre-op room. This is where Camden had a blast. He was pulling cords, running around and pushing wheelchairs. They offered us a wagon to put him in and pull him around but at this point we didn't think he'd stay put. He was more than happy to explore with his own two feet! Then we put him in his ADORABLE little hospital gown. SO cute.

{Oh please stop with the adorableness of Toms and a hospital gown. Isn't that precious?}

{messing with the wheels on the wheelchairs}

{walking the halls with Mommy}

At this point we had lots of nurses and anesthesiologists checking in on us. Our nurse of the day was SO sweet and told us that she had already prayed for all of her patients for the day. Melted. My. Heart. How awesome is that? It wasn't long before they came in with some Versed and we had a little drunk midget on our hands. Literally. He was feeling SO good. Laughing and pointing at things, and constantly wanting to do little backbends and emitting sweet little giggles when he would go over backwards while we were holding him. Husband and I were laughing as he was being so ridiculously cute. We hardly got to enjoy his "happy meds" before the nurses came in with a warm blanket and wrapped him up and carried him off to surgery. He didn't have a care in the world that he was leaving us, he was having a grand time! As they were taking him away they kept warning us that "this happy drunk baby probably won't be here when you come back. Some kids have a bad reaction".

{doing backbends and giggling with Dad}

I think we sat in the waiting room for a whole 15 minutes before they paged us to go see him. Met with the doctor first who said that his left ear was worse than his right and that the fluid was "very thick and needed to come out". He also said "it was good that you did this, he should be hearing better as well". He then took us back to see our little boy in post-op. He was being rocked and hadn't yet opened his eyes. I got to hold and rock him and he was having a bottle of glucose water at the time. Homeboy was THIRSTY as he sucked it down. Next thing I know his eyes pop open with frustration because he was out of water. They got him another and he was perfectly content again. Then we had the same issue. We ran out of water again. So they got him some juice, but he doesn't really drink juice so he didn't care for it. So we gave him his paci and all was well. I knew he wanted milk but they kept telling us to wait until we were home and to make sure he's okay before giving him some.

{In post-op drinking some glucose water. He still wasn't sure what was going on}

Now that he was awake and vitals were stable we went to the recovery area where they monitored us for 20 more minutes. I was overjoyed to get some Camden cuddles. He sat patiently and was quiet with his paci, no fuss at all! He passed all further inspections and held down his water so they sent us on our way!

{In Recovery, where we reunited with our blankie. Thank goodness for blankie and paci, they are your favorites!}

Once home I gave him his milk and he sucked it down, only burping up a small amount on me. Afterwards we ate some late breakfast and then he took a 3 hour nap that I had to wake him up from. He spent the rest of the day in a great mood, acting like nothing had happened.

{After the car ride home}

The next day we got a letter from his nurse in the mail. How cute is that?

{Seriously. LOVE. THEM.}

Since this surgery he has been nothing but pleasant. He is acting fine and like nothing happened. The best part? The very best part is seeing him play and move around without clutching his ears or the side of his head. Nothing confirms a Mommy's intuition better than seeing a happy baby. Now lets keep our fingers crossed for health!!

(PS- Yes I cheated and took a camera and pictures. But I'm glad I did!)


  1. What a star!!! And good on you for listening to your intuition, it's so easy to doubt yourself when people you consider experts tell you your wrong!

  2. I'm SOOO glad that everything went well and that Camden woke up a happy little guy. Hudson was part of the 50% that wakes up totally mad at the world and out of control!

  3. good to hear all is well.

    next time he has ear problems try the Eardoc, a great alternative solution