Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oz: Part 2.

Monday and Tuesday of that week we also did some typical touristy things like walking the Sydney Harbour Bridge and wandering through Chinatown.

{Looking straight up at the Australian flag in the center top of the bridge}

{Do you see the bridge climbers?}

{view of the city from the bridge}

It was in Chinatown that we experienced the amazingness called an Emperor Puff. They were a quarter a piece and shaped like an acorn with creme filling inside. Sort of like a mini doughnut. You could walk right up to the windows of the bakery and they would sell just the emperor puffs from there, you could watch the employees pull them off of the machine. Yum!

Wednesday was another day for us to explore and wander. We did wandered that morning to Darling Harbour and did some shopping and snacking. It was at this snacking that we ate at a restaurant called Oporto and ate some fries with chicken salt. Let me just say it was love at first bite. Chicken salt was amazing, how come I had no idea? I was delighted with this new addition, but was not delighted with their version of ketchup. They call all ketchup "tomato sauce" unless it is by Heinz, then it's ketchup. But their "tomato sauce" has a weird after taste and definitely tasted NOTHING like American ketchup. Oh well, you can't win them all.

Then it was time for whale watching. We were told the original boat we had signed up for was out for repairs so they scheduled us on a more of an "adventure boat" according to Sensational Eco Tours. This boat had seats three across and you were to straddle the seat like you were riding a horse. Once the boat got to going, you were supposed to stand up and bounce through your knees and hold on to the seat in front of you.

{it was really windy-so I'm all puffed up!}
{A view from the boat}

So we rode the boat out about thirty minutes and then searched for whale spouts. We had been out there a total of about an hour and a half, then as we were about to head back in, there they were! Whales! They were amazing to see, so big and so majestic. Then we headed back to the land and on the way we tried to not smother the kids from the "uni" (college kids) that were acting very immature the entire trip. There were times where I was wishing that they would fall in, they would have deserved it!

{lookie! Whale spouts!}

{So pretty!}

Once back we we did some shopping in Darling Harbour area and then headed back to Missy's. That evening we of course had dinner at Gilroy's and then went to bed early in preparation for the next day.

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