Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh Where is My Hairbrush?? ...and randomness

So last week, Camden was sick. Hubby and I were getting ready for work on Tuesday morning in the bathroom and little man was with us being fussy. In an effort to decrease the fussiness at 5:45 a.m., I did what any sleep deprived mom would do. I let him play with my wide tooth comb.

I didn't think much of it, but later that evening after my shower I couldn't find my comb. So I searched around. Nothing.

And a week later? Still Nothing. I've searched his nooks and crannies and all of his little hiding spots and I have NO idea where it is. I think I might have to give in and buy another, because I am getting tired of using Hubby's tiny toothed comb because it takes forevverrrrr to comb my hair.

I'd better watch what he gets a hold of, this reminds me of the book I'll Love You Forever, where the kid is flushing the watch.

Speaking of flushing, Camden definitely knows how to flush the toilet, and this is one of his favorite things to do in the morning. We are constantly chasing him away from the toilet because our kid? He LOVES water. Between the toilet and the bathtub that he likes to turn on and play in that water...it is a wonder we make it out of the bathroom with a semi-dry kid. And it doesn't end there. As soon as you leave the bathroom he knows that the dog bowl is out and has water in it...

And finally in exciting news: Now that we are all well-ish (knock on wood or someone will end up with a fever) Hubby and I have been able to start resuming our gym routine. I am LOVING that. I really need it, as much as I hate going sometimes I feel so much better after I get back, and sleep so much sounder. Hopefully everyone will stay well so we can continue with the morning/evening trade off routine.

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