Friday, September 9, 2011

Birthday Party: Part Two

If you hadn't noticed, we went with a simple monkey theme for our birthday. The cousins did Hello Kitty so we had monkeys and kittys. :) I didn't do much to follow through with this, just made monkey cupcakes and a monkey smash cake. Oh and his monkey party hat that was super adorable that he REALLY didn't want to keep on his head. No surprises there. The following pictures are from the smash cake event. He enjoyed it despite the heat, and we had him sitting in his pretty blue wood high chair to smash his cake, the same chair we took a bunch of his one year pictures in.

{cupcakes that I couldn't have finished without Tiffany's help!}

{the sock monkey party hat didn't last long..}

{Aunt Marcie had to show him how he could dig in}

{after he stuck his face right in..}

{still making a mess}

{all clean!!}

{A tired boy that fell asleep on CiCi in the pool!}

{bubbles with Dad}

Overall we had an amazing time. Camden had a blast despite being slightly fussy - thanks to those ears. He enjoyed himself swimming and we have been re-introuducing him to all of his toys, we open a new one every few days and putting up a 'baby' toy. He is loving it!!

Happy Birthday Camden, we love you!!


  1. It looks like he had a great first birthday party!! Love the cupcakes!!

  2. I am LOVING that he is naked!!! :-) Looks like he had a great day!