Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oz: Part 1.

Our trip to Oz was so incredibly eventful, and I don't want to forget how it all panned out! So bear with me as I attempt to get most of it down in writing. We travelled with Preston and Jennie and went to visit Jennie and I's friend Missy - who is working in Oz for a year (or so). We had a blast travelling with P and J and we got along like one big happy family!

{Preston and Jennie}

You all know from previous posts that the morning we were leaving we found Camden had thrown up in his crib, slept in it all night, and then proceeded to throw up all over us before leaving. Did I mention that I had a little greasy throw up stain on my shirt that I didn't notice until boarding the plane? Yep, I definitely wore that shirt ALL. THE. WAY. to Oz. Awesome.

We had a short layover in Vegas, a Loooooong layover in LAX where we proceeded to walk with our carry ons to In and Out Burger. Even though it was such a long layover, the time passed quickly with our silly antics. We spent time owling and planking and taking pictures of random things. :)

{This is Boone - Preston and Jennie's traveling gnome. He was ALWAYS with us!!}

{husband owling}

We boarded the plane around 10pm or so, and were very excited to find our own personal TVs with TV, radio and movies. We all quickly got lost in movies and I think we surprised ourselves at how much we were actually able to sleep while we were on this plane.

{our enourmous plane}

Once in Oz we found us a taxi, and he was quick to drop us off at the end of the street without ACTUALLY finding the proper address. So we wandered around for a while, asking where Missy's apartment was. So that was fun. Standing on the streets with our luggage looking very lost, while all the locals are heading to the train station (which is two minutes away from her apartment) laughing at us on the inside. I know it happened!!

{MJ's street. This was before we realized we were actually standing right. outside. the. door.}

That first day we showered and then decided to hit the town running. We roamed around, saw the bridge and the opera house and then wandered the Royal Botanical Gardens. We had trouble staying up late but it was what we had to do to get used to the time change. I do believe this was the evening that Missy took us to her local bar, Gilroy's. I say hers, because it was just around the corner to walk. So easy. And they had the best 10 dollar meals. I think Chris wanted to marry the Chicken Schnitzel with Pepper Gravy. For the sweet price of ten bucks, it was by far the best priced dinner meals we had there. (I think this is why we went like 4 times. Or was it 5??)

{Please note the ridiculous price. That is TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS for a TWELVE PACK. YIKES!!!}

{Oz Candies and Cough Drops..aka Throaties}

{Owling in the Botanical Gardens}

{Flying Foxes..aka BATS. SICK! These were ALL OVER the place in the garden.}

{Jennie and I outside of a quatrefoil fountain}

Tuesday was another day left for exploring. We spent the day learning how to ride the rails and learning our stops. We did lots of walking, through chinatown and circular quay and through all the little shops/malls like the QVB. The QVB stands for Queen Victoria Building and was built in 1898 and was used as a variety of things, Sydney city council, hairdressers, florists. It was threatened with demolition in the late 1950s but instead was refinished in 1986 and let me tell you, SO worth it. This building is just gorgeous.

{The Royal Clock activates on the hour and displays six scenes of English royalty.}

{Pretty elevator}

{The Great Australian Clock, designed and made by Chris Cook, weighs four tonnes and stands ten metres tall. It includes 33 scenes from Australian history, seen from both Aboriginal and European perspectives. An Aboriginal hunter circles the exterior of the clock continuously, representing the never-ending passage of time.}

{Isn't this building gorgeous? LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEE it}

Well, I feel this post is long enough and I am going to stop this installment here. More to come!!

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