Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall List

Well, I consider my summer list to be fairly successful, so why not have a fall list?

1. Go to the park multiple times in this gorgeous weather!
2. Go to the zoo.
3. Visit the pumpkin patch and see what a difference a year makes!
4. Trick or treat (and pass out candy too)
5. Visit my Granddaddy.
6. Cook lots of soup/chili. This one really shouldn't be listed as it is sort of a given.
7. Make s'mores. This just sounds delightful.
8. Play in the leaves and take lots of pictures.

I won't lie. It's hard for me to think of exciting fall things to do besides just enjoying the gorgeous weather. I can admit that I am NOT a fan of fall. Why? Because fall is SO short and then it's winter. Winter is my least favorite season and it just seems to drag out all cold and nasty for everrrrrrr. So, please spring, hurry up and get here!!!

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