Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Goals

I think the word resolution is a little lame. I prefer to use the word goal. Everyone has been posting their 'goals' so I guess I am going to do a little thinking and put mine down. I'm all about accountability, right?

-I want to be more present in the situation/life. I want to be able to put down the phone, walk away from the TV, step away from the housework. I want to be sure that I am fully present and living in each moment, especially since it seems my little boy is growing up WAY too fast.

-I want to continue a healthy workout routine. I always get discouraged by the New Years Resolution folks that come and take up my machines for a good two-plus months. When my area is taken I tend to find it harder to get up and go the next day. Not to mention the cold. I downright despise being cold, and going outside in the freezing cold to get my workout on? Hard to do.

-To stick with my youversion Bible reading, and continue to learn and grow my spiritual walk. It's a work in progress!

-To be content. It's hard to not always want more, or to do this, or go here, or be this. This goes along with the be present in the moment, but contentedness is another important aspect. Again, I have been blessed with SO much, and sometimes I need to step back, inhale deeply and survey all the amazingness around me.

So what are YOUR 2012 Goals?

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