Sunday, January 15, 2012


To some, white is just a color. But in my experience, it is a friend. A companion. A faithful and lovable dog.

I had friends in college that affectionately referred to her as "white dog". Of course, she'd come tail wagging to whoever was talking to her, no matter what they called her.

Pearl is my first 'baby'. She is getting older now, and it is starting to show. She's a little slower, sleeps a little more, and creaks more when she moves. But if you bust out some bubbles she'll jump and chase them like a puppy. You take her to a swimming pool and you'd never know her age.

Here's to my sweet Pearl, who has been the best "fur baby" one could ever ask for!

Linking up with the Paper Mama, for her photo challenge!


  1. Awww, what a gorgeous dog. Its lovely how pets become such treasured members of the family. My fur babies are cats but I love them to death like I gave birth to them. X


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