Thursday, January 12, 2012


-We have the sickies again in our house. Last week was strep and this week it has turned into nasty colds. Hopefully this will pass quickly.

-My mom bought polish and a dryer to do a shellac manicure. I REALLY liked it. I think I liked that I felt that I could be just as tough on my nails and chase around a toddler and it not chip. I did pick at it and peel it off about 8 days later, but that is my nature, I tend to be a picker. Overall rating is a solid 4.5 stars.

-Camden has been loving his Panda. Here he brought Panda to help him work at his workbench.

-I am dying to try Oklahoma Joes BBQ. We had one open up by us in December but the timing hasn't been right yet to go. Hopefully soon!

-These are my Christmas gift from Husband. They are AWESOME!! The weather this week was finally nice enough to wear em out and about.

-Camden has been getting mysterious red spots/marks on his chin that appear after he eats goldfish. At least, we are pretty sure it's goldfish. It appears we will have to do some testing to see if these should be cut out, since it is one of the snacks he gets at daycare.

-Husband introduced me to a show on Spike called Flip Men. It's very addicting watching these two guys flip houses. I do enjoy it! I do not, however, enjoy Storage Wars. Or Swamp People. But we won't go there.

-I ordered some Oz prints from Mpix, I haven't ordered from them before. I am excited to see how they turn out! Hopefully there will be some framers and we can add to our Oz collage in the bedroom.

-My sisters bday is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

-We ran to the mall last week to switch out some stuff for Chris. While there we passed the Disney store. Camden was pretty awestruck to see a big Mickey, and was sure to wave long after Mickey was out of sight.

That's all the randomness for now. Momma needs to be sleeping since the little one is!!


  1. Mpix is amazing! I always order prints from them.

  2. Oklahoma Joes is awesome! The ribs and the pork are my favorites (we each got two kinds so we could split and try almost everything, and have leftovers for lunch) and the baked beans are literally the best I've ever had.

    Also, I'm totally jealous of the shellac light and polish, where did she buy them?

  3. I almost tried the chicken but changed my mind at the last minute but T tried the Turkey and it was great. We went on a Wednesday to try and get burnt ends but they sold out at like 4pm. They said they are probably going to stop doing them on Saturdays so they will have enough on Wednesdays.

    Apparently they have a "cooks kitchen" on Sundays and they make all kinds of random stuff. A friend of ours is having his birthday lunch there on a Sunday so we can try it out.