Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Golden Globes

Who out there watched the Golden Globes?

I won't lie, I zoned in and out, and caught bits and pieces.

But lets talk dress here.

Julie Bowen's Dress?

Charlize Theron?
Gorgeous. Girl knows how to carry herself. I almost always love her look.

Angelina Jolie?
Eh. I like that it's a classic look. But she always looks so...icy. So while I think the look is nice, I think it would look nicer on someone else.

Jessica Alba was another one of my favorites.
A smooth and soothing color? Yes please. A fit body a few months after baby? Impressive. I like that she just looks comfortable in her skin.

Now for my not so favorite looks...

Lea Michele.
Sigh. Come on girl, I want to like this look because I like her, but I feel like she's trying WAY too hard! And she looks like a fish. Or a snake. Or something slippery.

Kelly Osborne.
Seriously. What is THIS? Those shoulders? Grey hair? She looks like the girl from Willy Wonka that swells up into a huge blueberry. Such a shame.

Lastly, Meryl Strep.
Such a shame, because I LIKE Meryl. I think she has some amazing talent and so must everyone else because she's always at these award shows. But this collared black dress? So...uh...ODD. I don't know how else to describe it. It's casual yet trying to be dressy but it's not getting there. It's almost western-ish. Not a fan.

Well those were my two cents. Like I said, I didn't catch much of it, or see really ANY of the movies for that matter, but I like to check out the dresses!

What did you think?

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  1. I want to know who on the 'Fashion Police' told Kelly Osbourne that grey hair looks good on a 25(?) year old???