Sunday, January 22, 2012

Seventeen months!

-You are growing by leaps and bounds! You look so grown up sometimes. Your 18 month clothes are starting to get a little tight. You still have a large belly, so your pants are tight, but T-shirts are still pretty big. You are mostly wearing 12-18 month tops, and 18-24 and even 2T bottoms! We switched you to a size five shoe, two days ago. They are HUGE on you, they look like clown shoes. But your toes were pushing pretty good on the edge of your fours, so there was no other option!

-You are adding more and more to your vocabulary daily. You can say all sorts of things from Mama and Dada to dog, go, more and bubbles. You still have no real interest in talking, but you understand more and more daily. You take your shoes and put them up when we tell you, you know how to feed the dog and you throw things away for us when we ask. You are continuing to sign for things you want, learning 'water' this month.

-You started the new year off with a bang, growing your fifth tooth on January 3rd! Daycare called and said you were in a horrible mood and that is extremely odd for you. They got my permission for teething tablets and said you calmed right down. Later that day I noticed you did have a rough spot up there (its your top left tooth beside your two front teeth) and it was fully through by the end of the week.

-You are sleeping fairly well despite teeth. You still cry out occasionally at night(bad dreams?), never with a real rhyme or reason, or for long enough for me to get in there. You are sleeping 715-5:30ish in the morning and taking a two hour nap.

-You continue to be the pickiest eater on the planet. I'm not joking here. Textures aren't your thing apparently, although you do love to play in your food. Your favorite things to eat are the smooth baby food purees. You continue to run to the closet and sign more for them. I'm to the point where I don't fight it, I'm just glad that you are getting somewhat healthy food in you. They changed up the menu at lunch and you are not a fan. I thought you'd like having eggs for breakfast but apparently you prefer the toast like your Mom. (go carbs!)

-Your separation anxiety waxes and wanes. Some days you chase me crying out the door, other days you'll run up to the other staff members for hugs, or you will run off to your little play gym and wave bye and blow me kisses. Melts my heart! Lately, there have been no more tears. I'm so proud when I can kiss you bye and you blow me kisses as I walk out the door. Precious!

-you are still wearing a size five diaper and an overnight diaper.

{You've been a big fan of standing on things lately}

-We had our first bout of sickness for the winter this month. You have a bit of a cough and your nose is running non-stop. Some of that I think we can thank teething for that! I had to put off your pedi appointment, maybe this coming week!

{here you are asking for Daddy to please blow bubbles}

-You loved Christmas, the new toys and playing with family. You were the slowest at unwrapping presents and then you would want to immediately play with what you had unwrapped - becoming uninterested in all the remaining wrapped presents. You got lots of toys that we are still getting used to playing.

-You love drinking your water out of your own Camelbak that we got you, it's pretty darn cute.

-On Christmas your Grandma Sid bought you a teddy bear that's a panda. You and the panda and your blankie are besties. You don't like to go anywhere in the house without either, especially after waking up or before bed. You will go to your room and attempt to jerk them through the slats of your crib if they are still 'sleeping'. You will cuddle so sweet with them, laying your head on them to snuggle.

-You are still a big fan of Mickey, but can rarely sit still or watch more than a few minutes.
{This is how you look when the Hot Dog Dance comes on. Mesmerized!}

-This month you also managed to get the most impressive bruise you have ever had. You fell while at your Grandma and Grandpa's and had an impressive bruise for a good two weeks. In fact, this the first one you've had that managed to lump off of your forehead.

{It took me a while to see this at first, but look at the shape of your forehead. Yes that protrusion is his bruise!}

You continue to grow and amaze us daily. You are the light of our lives, we are thrilled to be on this journey with you!


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