Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shopping Cart Drama

I had to run to the grocery store the other night after going to the gym to pick up a few necessities. I parked way out towards the back, with no cars in any parking space except diagonal and to the right. Outside this car a woman was loading her groceries.

I hop out of the car, and head inside.

I get about halfway in when I hear a BANG! and I turn and look back to see the woman that was parked diagonal and to the right had lost her cart, and it had managed to roll into the FRONT OF MY CAR.

I stopped and made eye contact with her, she made eye contact with me. She proceeded to give a little shrug like 'oops' and grabbed the cart.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Who does that and doesn't say sorry??

I head in to the store, still partially fuming. I call Husband, who gets pretty worked up and asked why I didn't get her insurance information and why I didn't consider it to be a 'hit and run'.

I'm thinking in my head, seriously?

He even has me run outside to see if the woman was still there. (she wasn't).

I head home where I proceed to discuss it with him again, saying "she didn't even say sorry!" He comes outside to check out my car and scratches his head confused, "where did she hit you? What kind of car did she have?"

That's when we realized the big misunderstanding.

He thought I said she hit me with her CAR, not her CART. Oops! We ended up having a big laugh after that, discussing the hit and run for her shopping cart.

At least it made me feel better about the whole situation! ;)


  1. Lol!! That's hilarious!! (the misunderstanding not the lady with the shopping trolley!) But aren't some people rude!!

  2. Hahaha that is hilarious and also SO rude!

  3. I thought he was going a little overboard!! Haha. Funny misunderstanding!