Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Randomness.

-I received my order from Mpix. LOVE the prints. I got a few prints on their metallic paper, the ones of the street art in Oz look AMAZING.

-These stuffed animals with this sign were up at work. The guy in the office that didn't want them anymore put this sign up. Ha!

-We were supposed to get something via USPS by mail the other day. I happened to be home so I was excited to be able to sign for it instead of having to go to the post office later. When the mailman brought my mail, it was not there. So I logged back on to USPS tracking. The verdict? Even though they were in my city the DAY before, the accidentally shipped the package out to a city an hour away. So the tracking now says missent. And we wonder why they are going under?

-Got to meet this sweet baby last week. He belongs to a girl I work with. He's gonna be a cute little redhead just like his big bro!

-Camden last week at dinner.

-We did try Oklahoma Joes BBQ. It was pretty delicious. I had the Barn-Z-Man sandwich, which is a variation of the z-man but named after a high school acquaintance. His variation involves pulled chicken, and his wife's version - The Mrs. Barn-Z-Man is on Texas Toast. I had the Mrs. And it was delightful. Like that would seriously change your life. They eat there ALOT because it didn't take long for there to be a sandwich named after him. Impressive, really. Here is a picture of my sandwich.
{Amazing, right?? Mmmmm. My mouth waters looking at it. I tried Chris' dinner too but mine put it to SHAME!!}

-Camden made the bulletin board again! He's representing the one year olds in the daycare! Go Camden! (It's the dark blue one)

-I still haven't decided if I think Beyonce really had her baby or not. I know this is random, but did you all see the video of her on that talk show where her bump collapsed in on her? It looked WAY fake. When I was pregnant I know my stomach never caved in. Hm.

-The weather has been amazingly mild. I don't know what that's about, but I'm not complaining! It's supposed to cool off again and then be up in the 70s again. Are we sure it's January? This is making my self-diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder much easier. I've been in a much better mood, despite having been sick for the past two weeks.

Happy Wednesday!!

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