Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lights on Rhema

There are amazing Christmas lights that a church in our city puts up every year. The line to drive through their parking lot around Christmas is just insane. It gets miles long around the Christmas season as cars barely creep through. If you are lucky enough you can find a place to park and wander around on foot. We decided to skip the crowds, and really were going to skip the whole thing, until last week. Last weekend the temperature was in the 60s (in December? What?!?) The church keeps their lights up until January 1st, and with the weather being that amazing AFTER Christmas, we decided to stop in. We went right at dusk, and stayed just long enough to wander around a bit, enjoy the lights and let Camden take it in. It was a nice little Friday night outing with my little family! I am enjoying having my husband back on Fridays, it means we can do spur of the moment things like this!

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