Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had a very busy weekend!

Friday after leaving daycare, we went straight to the pediatricians office for our fifteen seventeen month checkup. He was due to get a couple different shots including the flu shot and the MMR. He has had a bit of a cough and drainage with lots of snot, so I agreed to giving him two shots but asked to wait on the MMR. And due to the unseasonably mild winter and the fact that he would have to have a two parter flu shot and it would be spring by the time he would get part two, I decided to take my chances and skip the flu shot. We will see how that goes. They redid the waiting room and the childs play area - it has a cleaner look. Camden enjoyed playing with the toys.

{looking into an interesting toy}

{waiting for our shots!}

We got our updated stats - which I think the height is totally wrong. As soon as I laid him on his back he started wigging out, looking around for the shot. Poor baby knows what is coming, even though all we wanted to do was measure him! The stats are as follows:

Height: 32 inches (52%)
Weight: 23 lbs .5oz (18%)
Head: 45.5 cm (7%)

So yet again, despite our large potbelly we are much smaller than expected. We got our shots which was horrible, but that is to be expected. He was crying as soon as he was laying down, stopped when she wiped the alcohol on his leg, cried through the shots but as soon he was sitting upright, he was fine.

Afterwards we went over to Grandpa and Grandma's house and played with the cousins while Husband and his Dad textured a wall. Camden had a BLAST with his cousins, they played so long they all bathed and then ran amuck in their pjs. By the time we got home, he crashed.

{playing with Mommy's hat}

{cousins in the tub. All working together to fill their cups}

Saturday we ran errands, spent more time with Husby's parents while getting oil changed and tires rotated. We attempted to keep little C up long enough that evening to attend a friend's bday gathering for a few but the little one was fussssssyyy. It may be teeth as there has been some intense drooling and chewing on things, but only time will tell. I did manage to squeeze in enough free time to watch a movie, I finally saw Bridesmaids.

Sunday we did grocery shopping, house cleaning, cooking and swinging at the park. It was a nice relaxing day, that was much needed. Camden LOVES to swing. LOVES it. The first area he runs to at the park? The swing. It so cute how he runs over to it and points at it and waits expectantly by it. He did the slide a few times, but he always runs back to the swing.

This picture was taken a few days ago after daycare. Apparently they were doing one of his classmates (a girl's) hair, and he ran over pointing at his head wanting them to do his hair. So they gave him a little hawk. SO cute.

He unfortunately had a haircut Saturday as well, so this cute little spike is going to be much smaller if he asks to get his hair done again!

It was a busy but relaxing weekend, and I am glad I got to enjoy it - because it was my last weekend for a while! The next two are spoken for with conferences for CEUs and work. Boo. Oh well.

Happy Monday!

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