Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve in pictures.

I got my day off for the holiday weekend on Christmas Eve Eve. Little C and I did chores and played and just enjoyed our time together. I took a few pictures of him opening a present that we had wrapped that ironically I needed to take back. He was so cute this Christmas, slowly and methodically opening presents. Eventually, Chris and I had to help him open them to prevent it from taking all day! He'd open a present and then be so excited that he'd just want to sit there and play with that one gift. It was adorable!

Christmas Eve Eve Evening (that has a nice ring, eh?) we went to Chris' Brother and sister-in-laws house for an early Christmas for my niece H since she wasn't going to be with us for Christmas. Camden had a blast at their 'toy store' and kept himself busy. He didn't care to sit still long to eat, there was just too much to do.

{Getting a ride from H in the baby stroller}

{carrying his murse H's chapstick}

{decorating sugar cookies}

{K eating sprinkles- who me??}

{shoving em in..}

{Hmmm..Maybe I can use this spatula}

{yes, this is working out rather nicely..}

{or not. I think this was when we got volunteered to host next year... ;)}

What a mess the kiddos made! It was fun though, we had a great time with family and enjoyed watching how excited cousin H was opening her presents. I figure in a years time Camden may be ripping through his presents too!

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