Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa Baby

We went to visit Santa yesterday evening at Bass Pro. I figured I had him set up for an awesome Santa-fail picture; as he only had an hour for a nap, had barely eaten dinner, and I had held him for 45 minutes prior to sitting in Santa's lap. Kid wanted DOWN. He was trying to jump out of our arms and run around but boyfriend doesn't listen and kept trying to run off, so hold him we did. It seemed like recipe for disaster, right?


Look at these pictures. He seems so uninterested, or as if he has us all figured out. Like this Santa thing? Who cares. What's the point again, Mom?

See? Unimpressed.

Here he was pointing something out to Dad, while babbling and talking. It was important, I'm sure!

He was more excited about touching the Bear. See how much fun it was to touch the Bear's nose? Silly kid.

And that was our evening at Bass Pro. It went as smooth as could be expected!!

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