Friday, December 30, 2011


Santa Came!!

Santa's spread. Santa does leave his gifts unwrapped at our house!

And Camden is going to get dressed before presents, that's what Chris said he had to do and he wanted to go ahead and get little C ready, so we did! Aren't they cute enjoying their new trike?? :)

And what could possibly be in that stocking? Santa did good, and brought him markers, coloring sheets, crayons, bubbles, goldfish crackers, toothpaste AND animal crackers!

opening a present from Mom and Dad. What could it be? A remote control V Tech car, and a V Tech kitty, as well as building blocks!

Auntie Marcie helping little C opening a gift from her. Her gifts rank right up there as most favorite, that's for sure!

And my Mom's priceless face as her and my Dad open their gift from my brother and sister and I. I must say, we did well!!

My parents and sister were so generous with their gifts. Aunt Marcie got Camden a V tech train and he LOVES it. He is always pushing it around, riding it or playing with the letters that came with it. My parents also spoiled the little man, getting him a duplicate blankie (one can never have too many blankie's), the cutest pair of cowboy boots you have ever seen (Swoon!!! ~ They are adorable but he'll have to grow into them) Veggie Tales movies and CDs as well as a Radio Flyer Scoot and Zoom and Mickey Mouse on DVD!

I had a camera fail and forgot to bring my camera to the last stop of the day, Chris' parents. They were overly generous as well, giving Camden clothes, toys, a mini workbench and one of his favorites to cuddle with is a stuffed animal panda bear. He loves that thing and asks to hold it all the time, and will lay his little head down on the panda's head and cuddle. Oftentimes I'll go in to get him in the morning and he will be holding it and his blanket. Silly boy is running out of hands to hold all of his lovies!

It was an amazing Christmas. We had four stops and got to spend time with family at all four stops. We had all kinds of food and snacks, and family. It was a blast!

We have already hid about half of Camden's toys and will continue to ration them out as time goes on. He was so overwhelmed with all of his toys out after Christmas the other day he couldn't stop and focus on one toy to play with. So we narrowed it down for him and we will continue to enjoy 'new' toys all winter until we can finally get back outside and play!

Also not pictured was one of our favorite gifts, and that was a hand sewn quilt from his Great Grandma Allen. She worked her tail off ALL YEAR long, piecing and sewing quilts for her 10 (yes! TEN!) Great Grandchildren. That is a TON of work, and I love that she even signed the back with her name and to Camden. How special!

It was an amazing Christmas and my heart was so full. We have been blessed in more ways than one this year, and for that we are incredibly thankful.

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