Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Paci Lovin'

Alrighty folks. Let's talk about pacifiers.

I have a love/hate relationship with Camden's. I love that when he's being fussy in the evenings - he'll take it and it'll plug him up and you forget he was even fussing prior to having it. I hate that it's big/bulky and ugly. I love that it helps him get through his horrible Mommy separation anxiety and he'll cry less if he has it. I hate that he drops it to babble or eat and they get dirty. I love that he only uses it when he's tired late at night or for sleeping. I hate that it covers his smile when he grins. I love that it chills him out in the car. I hate that he has to have it to soothe himself to sleep.

Okay, okay. I think you get the idea.

Husband and I have discussed our plans for Operation: Get Rid of Paci. We both decided we didn't want to fight that battle until after Christmas and we have been aiming for around 18 months.

But lately? Boyfriend wakes up crying at night because he's lost it or spit it out of his crib. So I have go to in and plug him back up.

Not ideal.

At all.

I still don't think we are ready to lose the paci, especially with another car trip up and coming. So I guess I want to know from the other Moms out there, when you ditched your paci and how. Did you do the whole just get rid of all the stinky binky's? Cut off the tip and tell them it's broken? Was it easy? Was it a few nights of hell and then over?

Hmm. I guess I'm trying to prepare myself. Advice welcome!!


  1. Im still trying to figure this one out!! Iv been trying to encourage Lachy to suck his thumb so that i dont have to get up every time he spits it, but he's not overly keen on that!

  2. From work experience. Either go cold turkey.... or make it very obvious they only get it at nap and the car. We have lots of kids that only get it during sleep and car. No matter the fuss. And find something else to replace it for self soothing... like a lovey. Good luck! Missy