Saturday, December 3, 2011

More Ramblings...

So I have been busy around these parts. With the holidays coming it seems like there is just so much to do, yet I can't put my finger on all of it. We have most of our Christmas shopping done, so that's not it.

We put up our tree last weekend and fully expected to have to build some sort of gate/fence around the tree to keep the little munchkin from wanting to climb it. Surprisingly, he has left it alone! Who knew? He's into EVERYTHING else, yet he leaves the tree alone.

He's going through a super stubborn eating pattern. What toddler doesn't? I suppose it's a fairly common thing. I was thinking that at the age he is now, he wouldn't have a problem eating what we have for dinner as long as it is mashed up. WRONG. It's funny to look back and realize how wrong I was. I had the whole mentality of "he'll learn to eat or he will go hungry, right?" Again, WRONG. I mean who wants to listen to a baby fuss all in the evenings cause he's hungry? Not me.

Husband and I have spent lots of time experimenting in the toddler food area. Trying different foods, mixing things in to other foods in hopes to 'hide' the taste. During this experimenting phase, we came to realize that he will eat the pouches of organic baby foods really well. The ones that are pureed really well, usually a stage 2 food. What? I figured it was the veggies he was refusing, but am now thinking he just doesn't like the texture. I have no idea if it has to do with him only having four teeth or what. He ate spinach, rutabaga and pear the other day. He eats broccoli and apple with no problem. (I use the term 'eat' loosely. It's more like swallow). He does fine at daycare with their foods, but at home I feel like we have regressed. For a while we were only getting the things in him that he loves: applesauce, avocado, beans, chili. Kid LOVES his beans. He will fuss like crazy if he sees us eating them and not sharing. He's definitely a Daddy's boy in that respect.


We have given in and stocked up on a few of the pouches of organic baby foods and are letting him have one of those every so often so we can be sure he is actually getting some nutrients. Thank goodness for multivitamins!

I have noticed poor Pearl getting crankier in her old age. That worries me, I don't want her to be old but in reality, she's 9!

That's all for now. Chris is working on finalizing his Christmas lights, they should be super cool once he's done!!

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