Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sixteen Months!

Little Mister, you are 16 months old today!

Boy how the times flies. You are growing by leaps and bounds! Here's what you are up to this month.

-You are waking up randomly during the night and fussing if you have lost your paci. Apparently you can't seem to find them and I have to give you one, then you'll promply go back to sleep. Breaking that habit is going to be a booger.

- You have pretty much given up eating any sort of people food your Daddy and I have for dinner. You run to your shelf in the cabinet and you pick out your baby food pouch. I can still get you to eat beans, avocado, bananas, yogurt or applesauce but anything else and you throw a fit. I'm not into the fussy thing at night, so if you want a pouch of pureed baby food I don't fight it. You're at least getting your veggies that way.

- You are wearing a size five diaper, and still have to wear sleep diapers because you are a peeing machine at night. When am I supposed to cut out that bedtime milk again?

- You are getting SO much better at communicating. You can say more, dog, mom, dad, pearl, go, row and a jumbled 'good girl'. You can sign, milk, more, please, blow kisses, wave bye bye and we are working on signing thank you and water. You are good at following our directions to complete simple tasks, you know to put your shoes up at night but occasionally you like to test us and run around hollering instead of actually putting your shoes up.

- The current favorite song of yours is Row, Row, Row your Boat. Oh my word, you are absolutely precious. It ends up sounding like "whoa whoa" instead of row. It's adorable. And you clasp your little hands together and do a rowing motion and it's precious. It melts my heart when you ask to sing it!

- You still only have 4 teeth. Two on top, two on bottom. You have been a drooling, chewing on your hand mess and I can only assume that means you might be working on some more teeth.

- Currently, you are taking one nap a day, 1130 until whenever. Sometimes it's an hour, sometimes it's two and a half. It depends on how the previous days/evenings have gone for you. You go to bed at seven, and lately you have been wide awake waiting on us at 545. Gone are the days of sleeping in, I fear!

- You continue to have seperation anxiety from Mommy. The last few weeks the mornings have been a little bit harder for you when I leave. You used to run off and see your teachers and friends but lately you have been chasing me out the door crying. It makes it awfully hard to leave you, baby boy!

- Currently, You are wearing size 4 shoes, and your clothes are mostly 18 months, with some pants being as big as 24 months. You have the biggest belly! I think you weigh somewhere around 23 lbs.

- Showering and baths are some of your favorite. You laugh and roll around in the bathwater, laying on your back until only your face is out of the water. I can't wait until it's time to open the pool again, you're going to be a little fish!

- We have been warding off the sickness so far this winter, thanks to your CiCi's alkaline water. Hopefully this trend will continue! Shots and weights come up in January. We will see how big you are soon!!

Your Mommy and Daddy love you so much, and can't put into words how much we are enjoying this journey with you!!

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  1. So your posts about the baby food pouches inspired me to try them out with Hudson bc he's in a food slump right now with veggies and sometimes fruit. He loves them!!! I've been giving one to him a couple of times a day! I'm just happy to know that he's getting some fruits and veggies.